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Lorax - Once-ler x Aurora - Breathless - Chapter 8 by SetoAngel01 Lorax - Once-ler x Aurora - Breathless - Chapter 8 by SetoAngel01
A few more weeks passed by without as much visitation as there had been previously between Aurora and Once-ler. There were times when she went to visit him, he was nowhere to be found. Nevertheless, she stopped by every day after class with the small chance he was there. As time went by, she grew a little concerned but tried not to think too much about it knowing how much he’d been obsessing about selling his ‘thneeds’ lately. He had been heading back to town to try and sell this thneeds, and from what she understood, he actually began to get some clientele at a small town east of the forest, but apparently, he wasn’t satisfied since he was not able to get any business from the big town further more out west.

With the weekend finally here and Christmas Break quickly coming, she decided to she had more time to stick around his cabin a few minutes more hoping he’d show up. He never did… As she walked home that cold autumn night, she silently wondered if perhaps this was the side of Once-ler the Lorax tried to warn her about… She shook her head, knowing she was just being a little clingy ever since they began getting closer to becoming an ‘item’. While nothing was official yet, she knew it was only a matter of time. She smiled softly to herself as she made her way home.

Once-ler finally reached his cabin as soon as it began to grow dark. He removed the thneed from his neck and threw it on his bed before laying on top of it without bothering to change out of his clothes. His hands covered his face as he sighed dejectedly. He thought back to the hard day he had just had. When he finally thought things were going to start getting better and more sales would be made, he was hit another blow. He uncovered his face and placed his arms above his head and thought maybe his mother and family were right. Maybe he should just give up.

“Have a hard day?” the Lorax asked from the door Once-ler didn’t even bother to close.

After a deep sigh, he replied, “Yeah, it was pretty rough… Maybe it’s just before it’s time.”

“Yeah, maybe.”

“Doesn’t mean I’m gonna give up. I still have some orders coming in, but not near the revenue I was expecting.”

“Hmm. Well, I just wanted to stop by and thank you for keeping your promise so far.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Sure, well, you have a good night. And hey, you’re friend keeps stopping by when you’re gone.”

“Aurora?” Once-ler asked, sitting up in the bed.

“Yeah. She’s been coming by every day, and you always seem to be gone.”

“Oh… Well, she knows I’m busy.”

“Yeah, but ask yourself this – is this girl special to you?” The Lorax asked, his quizzical expression obvious.

“Of course.”

“Then you should start proving it if you hope to keep her around.” Lorax said before making his way out the door. Once-ler stood out of bed and walked to his door. The Lorax was nowhere in sight as the forest grew dark. He closed the door and changed into his sleepwear before laying down and letting the Lorax’s words sink in before he fell asleep.

Aurora was on her way home from a long day of classes at college. The dusk was settling in. Her backpack feeling particularly heavy this day as she passed Once-ler’s cabin, not really expecting him to be there, but decided to stop by anyway. She was going to walk up to his cabin and knock, but shook her head knowing things were different with him now. His business was priority and she decided not to bother him if he’d been home. She lowered her hand before continuing on her way home.

“Wait!” she heard Once-ler’s voice. She turned around and noticed him standing in his doorway in his apron and an oven mitt on his right hand. “Where you going? You’re just in time for dinner!” he continued, smiling brightly.

Aurora had to take a double-take wondered what possessed him to act this way, but she nevertheless turned around and walked back toward his cabin.


“What?” Aurora asked, pushing a loose hair back behind her ear.

“You look beautiful.” He said, a gorgeous smile crossing his face.

Aurora’s cheeks burned before she laughed softly and struggled to find anything to say in response.

“Go ahead and take a seat. I bet you had a rough day. It’s finals coming up next week, right?” Once-ler asked.

“Yeah… I’m not too worried. As long as I make sure to study, I’ll be fine.”

“You’re smart, you’ll do just fine.” Once-ler said as he prepared the plates. He finished preparing the plates before reaching into his cupboard and grabbed a glass that the fish didn’t sleep in. He walked over to the refrigerator , placed a few ice cubes in the glass and took out a bottle of soda from the fridge. He placed the glass in front of her and poured the soda into the glass before reaching over to the counter and handing her the prepared plate of food.

Aurora was surprised at first seeing the delicate pot roast, mashed potatoes with gravy, and pan roasted vegetables. She looked up at him and he just smiled before seating himself across from her.

“What’s gotten into you?” she asked, not being able to hold in her curiosity.

Once-ler let out a breath before replying, “I wanted to make it up to you. I mean, I’ve been spending a lot of time on my ‘thneeds’ lately and ignoring you, and I apologize.”

“It’s your business! You don’t have to apologize.”

“I still felt bad, I mean… I really like having you around here. I’m happy to have the company of someone other than the hungry bears and the mustached Lorax that always keeps an eye on me. I just wanted to prove that to you.”

“Well… thanks, Once-ler. Everything’s wonderful.” Aurora said.

“My pleasure.” Once-ler said, holding up his glass with a smile.

Aurora took hers and clinked it against his before she took a sip.


As another few weeks passed, she found herself spending as much time as possible with him and the Once-ler was making sure to do the same. Once-ler was surprised to see how many orders began coming in especially it was already after Christmas. He started feeling that is was only a matter of time before word would reach farther than the small towns and was excited.

January came and went and orders increased tenfold. Once-ler considered calling his family and having them help, but he still felt it wasn’t the right time. He wanted to be sure he’d need outside help and the orders would keep coming before bringing his family all the way out here.

Aurora was also keeping busy. She had moved out of her family’s home and moved in with a friend she met at college. A spunky girl named Norma who was much in the same boat as her as far as a career went, which was still deciding. The two got along unbelievably well and it was as if they knew each other their whole lives. The two talked about their lives and Aurora began telling her about Once-ler. Norma was intrigued as Aurora told her stories about this mysterious man in the woods who seemed to be a dream come true for Aurora.


It was a beautiful night. Aurora had gotten off of secretarial part-time job near the college and was heading over to Once-ler’s house afterword when he invited her over for dinner the previous day. When she showed up, Once-ler was waiting up for her. He walked over to her and hugged her tightly and she immediately returned it. She blushed when she felt him kiss her fore head before stepping back.

“It’s so nice to see you. Wow, you look incredible.” Once-ler said, his hands gently grasping her shoulders as he took a good look at her.

“Yeah, it’s the first time you’ve ever seen me in make-up. Hate the stuff, but we’re kinda forced to wear it for work.” Aurora said with a laugh.

“It’s not that… It’s just… you seen to be glowing.” He said, taking her hand and guiding her in his cabin. She followed him in and was met with another beautiful dinner he prepared her. She looked incredulously at this man wondering how on earth he could be any more wonderful and kind.

“This is just – amazing, Once-ler, thank you.” She said, touching his face and kissing him softly on his cheek.

“You’re welcome. It’s nice to cook for someone who appreciates it so much.” He said, pulling out her chair for her.

After dinner, coffee, and conversation, Aurora was prepared to head back to her apartment. Once-ler took her hand and said, “You know what tonight is?”

“February 8th?…”

“Well, yeah, but, the falling stars. It only happens once every 5 years. I was hoping you’d want to stay and watch them with them before heading off.” Once-ler suggested.

“I would love to!” Aurora replied with no hesitation whatsoever.

“Great!” Once-ler replied, grabbing a blanket and walking outside the cabin. They walked the short distance to the lake to get the best view of the sky before he lay out the blanket.

Aurora smiled at him before sitting down and looking at the sky.

As time went by and the wonder of watching falling stars grazing across the midnight blue sky was an experience she never witnessed in her whole life. She glanced over at Once-ler and smiled at him. He smiled back as he looked at her look of astonishment and wonder as the stars continue to glide across the sky. The falling stars only lasted a few moments. Even after it was over, the two just continued to sit there watching the stars glittering. Aurora sighed deeply not still believing this was actually happening.

Once-ler glanced over at Aurora, her eyes still looking up at the sheer beauty of the dark night sky. He never knew that at this point in his life when all he cared about selling his thneeds, he had found someone like her. She embodied everything he ever could have dreamed. Her beauty, her gently heart, her complete support of his dream, everything. Although he wasn’t sure is she felt the same, he liked her more than a friend, but for now, he was content with that. He seen her shivering slightly as a cool night breeze blew across her exposed arms and legs. He instinctively placed his arm around her shoulder.

Aurora looked at him quizzically at first but quickly leaned into him, accepting his warm embrace. As she looked at the sky, it dawned on her just how quickly her life changed since that warm August day. The more she thought about, at his point in her life, she couldn’t imagine a life without him in it. Never in her whole life she never knew would meet the man of her dreams this early in her life. As she looked up at him, his smile permanent as he gazed warmly at the sky. She never would image it would be possible for a life to change so quickly in just five months, but she was never happier.

It was at this moment she knew she’d fallen hard. He embodied everything and even more than she could have ever asked for in a man. So determined, business savvy, absolutely adorable, a great chef, a good listener, a talented musician, a gifted singer, the sweetest and most sincere smile, and just the kindest heart she ever met. She knew this was it as she looked up at him and touched his face. Without another moment of hesitation and much to Once-ler’s surprise, she leaned up and kissed him fully on his lips. Within milliseconds, Once-ler returned it giddily, his hand resting on her arm and his other against her shoulder blade.

After the two pulled apart a moment later, Aurora bit her bottom lip still surprised at her bold mood but not regretting it in the least. Once-ler just smiled back, not really entirely sure what to say.He decided not to say anything and just leaned in and kissed her again. Aurora sighed happily against his lips, her arms wrapping around his neck and his arms linking loosely around her waist.

Within a few moments, Once-ler was walking Aurora back to her apartment. Both were still a little bit in shock of what transpired but knew now that it was what they both wanted. After they were outside of the door to her apartment, she smiled after whispering, “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight.” He replied as he watched her walk inside, waving slightly before closing the door. Aurora leaned against the closed door feeling a bit silly finding herself acting as if she was a giddy school girl returning from a school dance with the cutest boy in school, she didn’t really know what they felt like but she imagined it was pretty close. Norma was waiting up for her in the separate room working on her homework.

“He’s even cuter than you said he was. So, why you so late?” Norma asked.

“The shooting stars.” She replied.

“You kissed him finally, didn’t you?” Norma asked, not believing her cover-up for a moment.

Aurora just giggled before sitting next to her roommate.

“Wow. You’ve got it bad…”

“I know.” Aurora laughed as Norma joined her.

Once-ler walked back to his cabin, pet Melvin on his way back inside his cabin. He glanced once more at the night sky before walking back inside and getting ready for bed.


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