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Lorax - Once-ler x Aurora - Breathless -Chapter 11 by SetoAngel01 Lorax - Once-ler x Aurora - Breathless -Chapter 11 by SetoAngel01
Once-ler walked up to the small apartment door and knocked on the wooden surface. He stepped back from the door after he withdrew his hand and waited for his girlfriend to answer. This was his first time going to see her at her apartment but he knew it was a long time overdue. He heard rustling inside the house and his eyes widened when he noticed that it was Norma at the door.

“Once-ler! What a pleasant surprise!”

“Oh, hello, Norma. How are you today?”

“Very well, thank you. And how about yourself?”

“Wonderful. So, is Aurora around?”

“Not today. She went to see her parents. She’ll be back late tonight.”

“Oh, really? Well, um, just let her know I stopped by. It was nice to see you, Norma. Have a good day.” Once-ler replied.

“Hey… Um, wait… Once-ler?”

“Yeah?” he asked, turning back to the brunette.

“Come in real quick.” Norma said, grabbing his arm and pulling him into the apartment before closing the door.

“What’s going on?” Once-ler said, a bit taken back by her actions.

“Aurora swore for me to keep this a secret – but it’s her 21st birthday on Friday.”

“It is? She didn’t say anything to me.” Once-ler said looking at her with a confused sideways glance a bit confused as to why Aurora didn’t tell him.

“She’d be happy that way, but I thought you’d want to know, because I know you’d want to do something for her.”

“Why didn’t she tell me?”

“Truth is, she hates birthdays…” Norma said with a laugh.

“Hope she doesn’t hate me because I’m throwing her one.” Once-ler replied with a laugh.

“Wonderful! I was going to and invite you and a few friends, but with school ending this week, no one has time. Everyone’s heading home.” Norma said, pouring two cups of coffee and offering Once-ler one, which he gladly accepted.

“Wow. So soon? Gosh, time sure flies. Oh, so how do you like that thneed?” Once-ler asked looking into the brunette’s honey brown eyes.

Norma smiled after adjusting her glasses before smiling happily. “Oh my gosh, I couldn’t imagine my life before it. It does so much! Oh, by the way, some people from school wanted one after seeing mine. Here are their names and payment if you don’t mind making the delivery in town.”

“No problem whatsoever.”Once-ler said, taking the money and customer’s names from Norma. “Thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome.” Norma said, taking their empty cups and placing them in the sink.

“Thanks so much for the coffee and the information. Oh, and please, if Aurora comes back Friday night hating my guts for throwing her a party, please beg her to forgive me.” Once-ler said with a chuckle and a smile.

“Will do.” Norma said, matching his quirky smile as they walked toward the door.

“Alright. See you later.” Once-ler said, walking out the door and back to his home in the truffula forest.

“Bye!” Norma said, smiling at Once-ler back as he left before closing the door.

Friday came quickly. Once-ler invited Aurora casually over the phone to come for dinner wanting to make up for the day she stopped by and he ended up taking a nap while she was busy doing the work he should have been doing. She agreed gleefully and Once-ler was just hoping Norma would keep her part of the deal in keeping it a secret from his redheaded girlfriend. As he made dinner, His mind wandered the past event that occurred just a few days ago. It had been almost a year since he arrived at the truffula forest and with his company ever expanding, it was Wednesday when he called his mother. He wanted to be brief on the phone, he just said, “Hi, mom! I told you I’d be a success! Get the family down here as soon as possible, ‘kay?”

“Really, Oncie? Oh wow! I'm so happy!”

“Yeah, and mom, that isn’t that the most exciting news yet!”

“What do you mean?”

“I… I met someone… She’s amazing. I can’t wait for you to meet her. I… I love her…and I’m sure you will too.”

“Love? Oh, Oncie, have you gone mad, dear?”

“What? I thought you’d be happy for me…”

“Well, I can’t be all too happy with someone who’s a bit delusional with no sense of true reality, honey.”

“…What are you talking about, mom?” Once-ler said, his voice cracking, not fully understanding what he was hearing.

“Look, love is a BIG thing, Oncie. I think you’re much too young to understand it. And besides, she’s probably just a gold-digger seeing your big company’s gonna be such a success.”

“But – … mom, she…”

“No, ‘but’s’, Oncie. Listen, I’m gathering the family now. We should be there by Saturday night, honey and be ready to work hard. Alright, dear?”

“Mom… I, but…”

“No, Oncie! Now, that’s enough. Don’t get yourself in a tizzy, mommy will be there soon. I’ll let you know if this girl’s good enough for my son. Now, bye!” he said, hearing the dial tone before he was able to respond. He placed the phone down and the familiar pain of his mother’s words stung yet again.

Once-ler slowly chopped up a head of lettuce as he thought back to the night Aurora professed her love to him. He was sure he felt the same up until he heard his mother’s harsh words. It was making him rethink everything he ever felt about the young woman he professed his own love for. He was so certain he loved her, but now… he was finding himself fighting with his own feelings instead.

The gravity of those words was now weighing heavy on him... The more he thought about that night, he thought about her admission of love for him – and it had come at such a surprise, he now thought he felt obligated to return them even though he wasn’t exactly sure and didn’t have time to process his own feelings before blurting them back to her. It wasn’t that he didn’t care for Aurora. He couldn’t imagine his life if he hadn’t met her. She gave him such fulfillment and he couldn’t remember a happier time in his life. But still…. Love? Maybe his mother was right…

The word was so strong. When it was used in his household growing up, it was mostly on his part in regards to his mother. So, love wasn’t a word he was exactly used to. He wasn’t sure and maybe… it was all just happening all too fast. After all, they had only known each other for nine months. He didn’t want to abuse this word even if he felt the same. He wanted to give it more thought before he used it willy-nilly. He was just so confused with everything happening so fast. In the midst of his business’ success, he was in a wonderful relationship with this incredible young woman who was more than anything he could have ever wished for – how could he not love her? Still, he wanted to make sure for himself first. This was for him this time… not his mother.
After he let out a soft sigh, he got back to his preparations for tonight. He told himself to enjoy this evening and he knew love wasn’t something manufactured, it came from inside and he knew that soon enough, he’d know for sure how he felt about her. After he finished preparing dinner, he heard a knock at the door and looked up to make sure all of the colorful decorations remained intact before he opened up the door.

“Surprise! Happy Birthday!” Once-ler announced happily as the Lorax and a few marshmallow-coaxed Barabaloots jumped from behind his bed with big smiles on their fuzzy faces.

Aurora’s eyes widened in shock as Once-ler quietly braced himself for the worst, but instead, Aurora teared up in sheer joy before wrapping her arms tightly around his waist and buried her face in his apron. Once-ler smiled, placing his hands loosely around her shoulders. She pulled away slightly, reaching up her right hand and placing it against his nape and pulling him down to her until his lips were against hers. Once-ler felt his cheeks flush a bright red before eagerly returning her kiss.

“You did all this… for me?” Aurora asked breathily.

“Yep. Only the best for my girlfriend.” Once-ler said, pulling her again for another kiss before pulling away a moment later.
“But, wait? How did you know it was my birthday?”

“…Let’s just say a little birdie told me.”

“Oh, let me guess… Did this ‘little birdie’s’ name start with an ‘N’ and end with an ‘orma’?” Aurora asked quizzically.


Aurora just shook her head wondering what she had yet to owe her tattletale roommate but when she looked up at the colorful decorations, the Barbaloots already helping themselves to a piece of cake and the Lorax sampling the mashed potatoes and then finally back up to Once-ler’s permanent smile and sparkling crystal clear blue eyes, she knew she was the luckiest girl alive. “You have no idea how much this means to me, Once-ler… I can’t thank you enough…” Aurora said her arms again snaking around his waist and holding him tight. Once-ler just smiled and hugged her back.

With an hour, dinner had been eaten, dishes were clean, and the Lorax and Barbaloots had left. Once-ler and Aurora decided to take an evening stroll. Once-ler looked up to the unusual cloudy sky and looked back down at Aurora. He smiled as he gripped their intertwined hands slightly tighter. The two were already deep in the woods when the rain began to fall.

“This is kind of romantic, huh?” Aurora laughed as her and Once-ler ran back toward his cabin, the rain pouring heavily on the two. The rain was warm on summer night. She glanced over at her boyfriend, who looked back at her before he reached over and picked her up by her waist and twirled her around. She laughed when he finally stopped spinning, the rain dripping down steadily in streams from the brim of his hat. Her arms rested upon his shoulders, her fingers linked behind his neck, gingerly touching his wet black hair. As she looked deep into his light blue eyes, she thought about the presence of him in her life, the impact he had on her life was a pleasant surprise in her otherwise ordinary life. While she lost herself in his crystalline eyes, a man she met only nine short months ago, she couldn’t imagine living another day without him in her life. While she tried to fight it off and say it was just a crush and not gonna last – but she knew in her heart that this was more. This was an even deeper emotion than when she was in the moment when she finally realized she was in love with him. This was beyond just ‘love’, it was now she realized she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

Once-ler’s eyes never unlocked from hers. His hands were still wrapped tightly around her waist. He closed his eyes when he felt her fingers running along his nape and through his hair. He swallowed a lump in his throat. He didn’t know why he still was so nervous around her. He still felt butterflies whenever she touched him. He wasn’t sure exactly what he felt for her. He cared for her, she was his girlfriend for goodness sake, but as far as love, it was a toss-up. Never in his life did he really understand the meaning of that word… His mother never told it to him or expressed it for him. He wanted to know what it felt like to be loved, to be wanted, and he felt that for the first time in his life – maybe this was it. As Once-ler opened his eyes and looked into her dark blue eyes, he knew this was love. There was no more denial, no more excuses, he loved this woman and wanted nothing more than to be with her for the rest of his life.

“I love you…” he whispered breathily, the rain dripping along his lips and chin. He looked at her smile at the words, tears starting to form in her eyes as he felt her arms grow tighter around him, and her pulling herself closer to him. She laid her head in the dip of his shoulder and finally broke the sound of the rain after what felt like an eternity.

“I love you more…” she whispered in reply before their lips collided in a kiss. One-ler smiled against her lips as the rain continued to drip against their embraced bodies. After they pulled away, their faces only inches apart, their eyes never parting, Once-ler smiled when he heard her breathy laugh and watched as her cheeks burned a bright red hue.

“Um… You can let me down now. I’m freezing.” She whispered her laugh soft as she felt him loosen his grip from her waist and lower her gently to the grass.

Both walked into the cabin and Once-ler handed her a towel to dry her hair. “Sorry about this. If I knew it was gonna rain, I wouldn’t have suggested a walk.” Once-ler said with a hearty laugh.

“I had fun, don’t worry about it.” Aurora said, wringing out her hair with the bright blue towel.

Once-ler just smiled in response, taking off his shirt, making Aurora’s eyes widen. He wrung out the excess water in the sink before tossing it over the edge of the chair. “Wow. Who knew the weather could go from warm and sunny all day to a practical flood at night? All that’s left is the animals to line up two-by-two.” Once-ler laughed, removing his rain-soaked hat.

“That’s funny. Oh – Here...” Aurora said handing him back the towel, which he then used to towel dry his hair. The silence seemed awkward, the two trying to find something to say to one another. Once-ler glanced over at her and watched as she shivered. He then looked out his window and seen the relentless rain patting hard on his cottage. He knew it was way too late and the rain was too brutal to take her all the way back to her apartment. He then knew she had to stay here but her clothes were far too wet to wear. She could get sick. With that thought, Once-ler began rummaging through his closet.

Aurora watched and laughed in amusement as Once-ler went through his closet and found the only clean clothing was his set of blue bunny pajamas. At first he was hesitant feeling slightly embarrassed, but knew there was no other choice, so after a brief moment of reluctance, he handed her the top, which with its long length could be modest enough for her to wear with only her undergarments.

“You can change in here. Don’t worry - I’m leaving.” He said, handing her the top before he excused himself to change into the pants in the separate bathroom. After she made sure he was out of the room, she removed her wet clothing before she put on the warm, flannel pajama top which fell to her mid-thigh.

In the other room, Once-ler took off his shoes and wet socks before he kicked off his rain soaked pants with black boxers underneath, which he was thankful, stayed dry, before pulling the pajama bottoms on. He laughed at their predicament momentarily before he walked out of the bathroom; his wet clothes bundled up under his arm. After placing them in the clothes hamper, he looked over at Aurora who was holding her shoulders, shivering and smiling back. Seeing her shaking frame, he instinctively walked closer to her and placed his arms around her. She felt her cheeks burn red when she felt his hands caress circles upon her back.

Aurora felt her arms wrapping and linking against the small of his back. Once-ler smiled before saying, “You look tired. Why don’t you go to sleep?” he said, motioning to his bed.

“Wait… But, where are you going to sleep?”

“I could sleep on the floor with a blanket. No problem. Men can pretty much sleep anywhere.” He said with a laugh. “I used to even sleep on the roof when I was a teen to hide from my cousins. Sure, the time I rolled off wasn’t the best time of my life, but it was an experience nonetheless.”

“Don’t be silly.” Aurora said, taking his hands and pulling him to the bed. She sat down and pulled him on it next to her. She lay down; he timidly lay next to her. She looked at him, his face still full of shock and confusion as she looked up at him with heavily lidded eyes. She pulled closer to him, her fingers grazing along his bare arms and snaking along his bare shoulders. She leaned in and kissed his lips before laying her head into the soft warm pillow and closed her eyes. She smiled feeling his hands resting warmly on her forearms as she drifted off into sleep.

Once-ler looked at the beautiful girl lying next to him. Never in his life did he picture his friendship with this sweet girl would ever grow the way it has. He moved his head next to her and took a deep breath of her still slightly damp hair before he closed his eyes and fell asleep. The thunder kept rumbling around the small cabin, the rain pounded on the windows. The Once-ler stirred awake a few hours later when he felt the bed shift. At first, he suspected the Lorax and the bears coming in his cottage to seek shelter. Instead, he opened his eyes and saw Aurora sitting up and gazing out the window in wonder.

Once-ler sat up next to her and placed his arm around her shoulder. “Is anything wrong?” he asked.

“No… I just have always thought the rain was the most beautiful sound… I just wanted to sit and listen to it… It’s magical… Don’t you think?” Aurora said as she glanced at him and smiled.

“Yeah… it’s pretty incredible…” he said while smiling back, hearing the soft rumble of thunder in the distance.

The following moment was quiet. The sound of rain gently patting the window, the sound of water trickling against the glass of the window. Once-ler reached over and gently touched her face. She glanced toward him and without any more hesitation; she got on her knees and wrapped her arms around his shoulders before leaning forward and kissing him fully on his lips. He instantly returned her warm kiss as his arms wrapped around her waist. That night that started like many others before, but this time it was different. The two were in love, and that night, they embraced it…

The warm sun fell upon Aurora’s face through the window. She opened her eyes and felt her cheeks burn red when she woke up to Once-ler’s face. She bit her bottom lip as she continued to watch him sleep. Her fingers grazed his naked arms and leaned over to kiss the edge of his mouth. “Thanks for the best birthday EVER…” she whispered before she sat up in bed.

It was about seven in the morning when Once-ler opened his eyes when he felt the bed shift again. He looked up and seen Aurora awake once again, sitting up, her legs dangling over the edge of his bed. Her hands running along a dusty picture frame she found along his windowsill, the rain still pounding hard on the roof. “Is this your family?” Aurora asked, looking down at Once-ler who was still lying down.

Once-ler sat up and rubbed his eyes before looking over her shoulder after placing his hands gingerly on her shoulderblade. He looked at the picture, showing his mother, his father, and him as a young child. Once-ler smiled at the picture. “Yeah…” he confirmed.

“Is that your father?”

“Mm-Hmm… God, I miss him…” Once-ler said as he gently took the frame from her hands.

“You look just like him. You have his eyes.” Aurora said, smiling warmly and reaching back to rub his back. Her cold hand rubbing along his bare skin made him jump slightly.

“Wow, you’re hands are freezing! Are you okay?” Once-ler said before placing the picture frame back down and wrapping her arms around her shivering shoulders. “Come on, lay back down. You need to get warm…”

Aurora smiled before laying down with him, his arms wrapped tightly around her. Her arms were linked around his thin waist, her head lying against his naked chest. She smiled, feeling his strong heartbeat against her cheek.

“Once?” Aurora whispered his nickname.


“I hated top bring it up today amidst the party and everything, but… I wanted to let you know that I’m leaving for a month.” Aurora said, her fingernails grazing over the warm skin on his back.

“Really? Where you going?” Once-ler asked looking down at her face.

“It’s an amazing opportunity with my college. We’re going across the country to, um, I guess I’d call it kind of a job fair. It’s where you get to try different professions and see which one best suits you. It’s only for a month, and it’s exactly what I need to figure out the degree I’m working toward.”

“Wow, that’s incredible, Aurora! I’m so happy for you!” Once-ler said, hugging her tighter before kissing her forehead.

“Thanks.” Aurora replied, running her hands along his back.

“When are you leaving?”

“This afternoon.”

“You mean… today?” Once-ler asked, his eyes widening.

“Yeah. Why?”

“My mom and some other family are going to be here today. I just called them up on Wednesday. I was gonna surprise you when they showed up to tell you the news, but I’m finally getting so many orders, I need my family’s help to keep up with demand.”

“Wow, Once-ler, that’s incredible! I knew you’d be a success! Wait, so they’re gonna be here tonight?”


“Aw, man. I would’ve loved to meet them all, but I need to be gone by early afternoon… But, hey, look at it this way, I’ll only going to be gone a month, and you guys will be so busy, it’ll go by super quick, and I’ll meet them when I get back!”

“That’s true… It’s not you not getting to meet my family right away, it’s just… I’ll miss you.”

“I know… I can’t imagine not waking up to this handsome face for a month.” Aurora said, reaching up to touch his face before leaning in to kiss his lips. “Oh, I miss you already…” she continued, wrapping her arms around his bare shoulders before kissing his collarbone.

“It’ll go by quick… Now, can I make you breakfast?” Once-ler asked.

“Only if you’re making pancakes.” Aurora said.

“Of course! Coming right up!” Once-ler said, jumping out his bed and began preparing her breakfast.

After another hour, the two were walking back to her apartment, her wearing her clothes that were now dry. They hesitated outside of her apartment. Aurora looked up at Once-ler not wanting to leave him for a month. She felt tears building in her eyes before she wrapped her arms around his waist and buried her face in his chest.

“I’m gonna miss you so much… I love you…” she whispered as she looked up at him.

“I love you more…” he replied the words she spoke the previous night before kissing her lips. “I’ll see you in a month, okay?”

“Alright. Goodbye.”

“Not ‘goodbye’. See you later.” Once-ler said, giving her one quick kiss before he turned to leave. He gave her a wave before he began walking back toward his cottage.

Aurora smiled, waving back before entering her apartment and preparing for the trip ahead of her.


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